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We are committed to Providing ongoing hope and support for the people of Kenya.

In 2013 we commenced the building of a Trade School in the slum area of Western Kenya. Our aim was to give the people a trade so they can get jobs or start a small business. The trade school is now complete and operational, teaching a variety of trades. It is also used for conferences and youth rallies.

The school is used on Sunday's for kids church for 200 to 300 children and after the children are given a meal of beans and rice. This meal is the best meal most of these children will have all week. The success of the feeding program has enabled the church community to register more than 50 children into school with very minimal drop out.

There is also a counselling service for mothers with AIDS, and after the counselling, they are given a bucket of grain to make bread etc.

Our aim is to continue supporting the school by providing more equipment.

We have also commenced free Medical Camps with the first being held in March 2018 and helping to treat 380 people. The cost was $4,000 and helped to provide 3 local doctors, 3 nurses, a pharmacist and the required medicines. The second Medical Camp was held in August 2018 with 500 people being treated from the slum area. There are no free medical services in Kenya, so many adults and children die because they don't have the money for treatment. The village elders and country leaders attended this camp to witness first-hand what the Church was doing in the community.


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